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Empowering communities

through education and advocacy

About Us

The Marcus Anthony Hall Educational Institute (MAHEI) is dedicated to serving economically and socially under-served communities in Boston. Through educational programs, practical seminars, and leadership initiatives, MAHEI aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure well-paying jobs and influence decisions that impact their lives.

Our team is committed to fostering positive change in communities of color, empowering residents to actively participate in shaping their futures.

Our Approach

At MAHEI, we understand the importance of education and advocacy in creating lasting change. Our programs focus on awakening individuals to the necessity of social change, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to transform their communities. Through partnerships with local organizations and engagement with community leaders, we work to address the needs of our residents and promote economic and social equity.

The Hard Truth:


in Boston

In Boston, while 88.4% of residents aged 25 and over are high school graduates or higher, and 53.4% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, disparities persist across racial and ethnic communities, underscoring the critical need for MAHEI's educational and leadership programs.

Addressing the Income Gap

With Boston's median household income reflecting broader economic disparities, MAHEI is at the forefront of providing professional training and financial literacy programs aimed at empowering individuals from under-served communities to navigate and improve their economic status.

Civic Engagement

MAHEI is committed to elevating civic engagement within Boston's communities of color. Our programs are designed to increase voter turnout and encourage active participation in local governance, contributing to a more inclusive and representative democratic process.

Our Organization

Learn more about the Marcus Anthony Hall Educational Institute (MAHEI) and discover how you can be a part of our efforts to empower economically and socially under-served communities. Explore our programs, initiatives, and impact, and find out how you can get involved today. Together, we can make a difference. Read more about MAHEI and join the movement for change.

Marcus Anthony Hall

November 9, 1984 - June 14, 2016 


Our Staff:

Priscilla Flint,

Founder/Executive Director

Bermina Cheny,

Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Cecily Graham, Chair of the Board

Edosa Osemwegie, Vice President

Willie Israel, Treasurer

Rachelle Brown Mitchell, Clerk

Tracey Crawford, Director

Andrea Payne, Director

Lugie Romain, Director

Priscilla Flint and MAHEI's Board of Directors.jpg


Get to Know Us

At the Marcus Anthony Hall Educational Institute (MAHEI), we champion the vision of a better, more equitable Boston. Named in honor of Marcus Anthony Hall, a luminary who dedicated his life to community improvement, MAHEI stands as a testament to his legacy. Our institution is more than just an educational hub; it's a beacon of hope and empowerment for economically and socially underserved communities. Here, we offer a range of programs focused on building skills, enhancing knowledge, and nurturing leadership qualities in individuals who are driven to create lasting, positive change in their communities. From awakening a sense of purpose in the newly engaged to refining the strategies of those already in the fight for social justice, MAHEI is committed to crafting a future where everyone has a voice and the power to shape their destiny.

About Our Founder

Priscilla Flint

From the vibrant streets of Roxbury to the halls of educational reform, Priscilla Flint's story is one of resilience, empowerment, and transformative leadership. A proud product of the Boston Public School system, Priscilla's pursuit of education led her to Cambridge College, where she earned a Master's in Education. This achievement marked the beginning of a journey that would see her transition from finance to becoming a beacon of hope and change in Boston.

Priscilla's deep understanding of the challenges facing her community propelled her into activism and leadership. She played a pivotal role in establishing vital organizations like the Black Local Organizing Committee, the Marcus Anthony Hall Educational Institute, and the Black Economic Justice Institute, Inc. (BEJI), championing economic justice and community engagement. Her efforts extended to leading the Black Boston Covid-19 Coalition, addressing pandemic impacts, and contributing to Mothers for Justice and Equality, the Boston Jobs Coalition, and more.

Despite personal tragedies, including the loss of her two sons and battles with mental health stigma, Priscilla's spirit remained unbroken. Her resilience is not just a personal triumph but a beacon that guides her work in empowering others. As a licensed minister and a voice on Boston Praise Radio & TV Networks, she continues to inspire through her memoir and her program 'People Power with Priscilla.'

Priscilla Flint's journey is a testament to the power of unwavering determination and commitment to justice. Her legacy is etched in the countless lives she has uplifted and the systemic changes she has championed in Boston.

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