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Empowering Communities, Inspiring Change

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Marcus Anthony Hall

November 9, 1984 - June 14, 2016 

Our Mission

MAHEI's mission is to serve the needs of economically and socially under-served youth, young adults, seniors, and returning citizens, by providing them with the programs they need to secure well-paying jobs and influence the decisions that impact their lives. The Institute serves communities of color in Boston by providing residents with educational, practical and confidence-building classes, seminars, programs, lectures and other relevant activities.


MAHEI’s focus is on increasing the skills, knowledge and abilities of individuals who wish to engage in creating positive change in their communities. It is designed to work with people at several levels, ranging from those who are “awakening” to people who are knowledgeable, organized and engaged. Awakening entails helping individuals, who have never been or are newly engaged in social change activities, gain an understanding of why social change may be necessary in their community and how to participate in it. Our over-arching goal is to support and encourage youth and young adults to participate in community service work and become active community members through a series of classes focused on advocacy, community organizing, and civic engagement.

Who was Marcus Anthony Hall?

Marcus Anthony Hall was shot and killed on June 14, 2016 during a trip to a barbershop on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan, MA where he had taken his four- year-old son, Yoda, for a haircut. He was 31 years old. The Marcus Anthony Educational Institute (MAHEI) is named after Hall because he was dedicated to making positive change in his community through committed action. Hall grew up in Dorchester and attended Charlestown High School. Along with some of his friends, Hall started Brothers Out of the Hood (BOOTH), an organization focused on promoting conflict resolution. Hall also was an active member of other social and economic justice organizations in the City of Boston.  Additionally, Marcus was an active member of other  social and economic justice organizations in the city of Boston.


What you will learn at MAHEI

The importance of engaging in community service

How to engage with the community and elected officials

How city, state and federal governments work

How to become a better advocate through media training

How goal setting and self-reflection can make you a better activist

How to navigate Boston’s political, social and economic landscape

Our Sponsors & Donors

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
The Shlomo Foundation
The Boston Foundation
City of Boston
Urbanica Design and Construction
One United Bank
Eastern Bank
Titus Foundation
Glynn Lloyd
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Michael Jacoby Brown
Nika Elugardo
James Jennings

Victor Wallis

Inez Hodges

Erika Guckenberger

Ellen A. Jawitz

Jackie Jenkins-Scott

Marie St. Fluer

Michael Frieze

Corita Brown

Sieh Samura

Lisa Cherina

Marc Fredette

Former Mayor Marty Walsh

Boston City Councillor-at-Large Julia Mejia

Boston City Councillor-at-Large Ruthzee Louijeune

Josh Kraft

Developer Richard Taylor

Fred Fairfield

 Rev. June Cooper


Professor Deborah Shariff

Frugal Bookstore

Final Touch with Class Boutique,

Destiny Unlimited

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